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For more than a decade, IMS has been in business to help organize, store, protect and simplify the management and access of your confidential documents and information.  In 2019, we evolved into two divisions: IMS Technology Group and Paper Free Office Solutions. Our core values of honesty, optimism, accountability, integrity, and excellence continue to run through and through.  Our commitment for 2020 is to continuously and consistently meet your business needs and...

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Make It a Habit to Purge Paper

We live in a digital world where people rely on being able to instantly get information at the touch of a computer, tablet, or smartphone screen. Ironically, at work, people tend to get into the habit of printing paper or sending a paper document. Those documents end up being stored in a metal filing cabinet or boxes consuming valuable workspace, and the information becomes frozen...

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What Does a Firewall Do?

You’ve heard of firewalls, but maybe you aren’t sure what they do and how they can protect your business. There’s actually a good chance that you’re using a firewall right now since a basic firewall is built into your computer’s operating system, unless you’re using a computer from 1997. But what does a firewall do? Can you get by without one? Spoiler alert: no, you can’t. 1....

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SaaS, IaaS, PaaS: Which Is Right for You?

“Cloud computing” is an umbrella term—pun intended—for a variety of different programs and services, including Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). When referring to all three at once, they are generally called the “cloud stack.” There is a lot of value in transitioning your document storage and businesses processes to the cloud, but first, you have...

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Benefits of Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization is one of those technologies you’ll wish you’d heard of sooner because it’s bound to solve some problems for your business, improving areas such as collaboration, your IT budget, and security. A virtual desktop is stored on a remote server rather than locally on the device, as is typically standard in many office environments. It separates the desktop operating system, applications, and data from the...

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5 Ways the Cloud Can Save Your Business

As a business owner or manager, you already have more than enough on your plate. For small businesses, in particular, you’re probably taking on tasks that take away time from more important things like growing the business, meeting with potential customers, and closing deals. What if there was a solution that would free up your time so that you can focus on the more important projects? Cloud...

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avatara complete cloud

IMS Technology Group is excited to announce an addition to their suite of software solutions: CompleteCloud by Avatara. Have you been wishing there was an easier way to integrate the cloud into your business process? Have you been getting by with a piecemeal of cloud solutions that you’re constantly managing and updating? The Avatara CompleteCloud Difference is that you can customize your cloud with an all-in-one solution....

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Sharepoint for Records and Document Management

How much time do you spend looking for the documents you need? You may not realize it, but on average it accounts for 6 weeks of your time each year. In addition to that, as much as 30% of your employee's time is spent looking for lost papers. This is a huge hurdle that you need to overcome so that your team can be more productive with a...

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Email Vs Automated Workflow

It is rare that we are on top of all our email correspondence, mostly due to the sheer quantity. Ever since email was invented in the 1970s, the daily number has been climbing. In fact, it is predicted that by 2022 there will be 333 billion emails sent per day! That is enough to put any normal worker into a state of panic. If you work in an industry where important...

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