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FileBound Document Management Software

Document Management is Easy With FileBound


It’s a challenge to change the way you do business. With document management software and tools like FileBound, it’s easy, and less scary than you think.


FileBound is designed to improve the way you manage and organize your important documents; so you can save time, reduce operational costs, and become more efficient and successful along the way.

document management

A Better System for Business


Are your best workers stuck performing menial tasks that ultimately could be spent doing something more meaningful and productive for the company or your customers? How much time could be saved with an easy-to-use software program? When you can’t efficiently access the information you need to do your job, your business and customer service hurts. What if there was a way to stay connected to your information when you need it, even if you’re out of the office?


FileBound can give you peace of mind and save you money in the long-term by improving the way you process and manage your valuable business documents and information. Empower your workforce to work efficiently and enhance productivity unilaterally by creating a seamless workflow with FileBound.

An All-In-One Document Management Solution


If you’re looking for a paperless document management software that scales to your particular needs, FileBound has you covered with its advanced suite of tools and capabilities:


Document capture: Scan your important documents and save them digitally and securely. Then you can shred the documents you don’t need anymore to save space in your office.  


Intuitive, Secure, easy-to-navigate digital document storage: Many people worry that a digital solution will be more complicated to use, but FileBound document storage solutions are intuitive and easier to use than digging through a file cabinet.


Search, find, and share documents across your company easily: Increase collaboration and efficiency when you’re sharing documents with colleagues and clients.


Records management: Maintain a records management strategy that keeps your historical information secure.

Document Management Solutions Designed to Modernize Your Workflow

FileBound’s automated workflow and capabilities are designed to streamline your document management processes. See more in the FileBound video below:

Applications for FileBound Document Management Software

FileBound can be used for document management in both the public and private sector. Schools, HR, and accounts payable departments all utilize FileBound to improve the quality and speed of their services. Learn more about these specific applications below.


FileBound for Schools

School districts nationwide are using FileBound to modernize and revolutionize their processes and make sure their teachers and staff have the tools they need to organize and achieve success.

From onboarding new employees to creating an automated system that creates an alert notification for teachers to be aware of concerning student behavior, the possibilities for making your school district more efficient are endless with FileBound.

Learn more about FileBound document management for schools >


FileBound for Human Resources Applications

The HR department requires a lot of documents from new and current employees: W-4s, paid time off requests, schedule changes, job applications, job acceptance contracts—the list could possibly go on forever.

If your HR department is currently drowning in paper documents and complicated document management processes, FileBound could be a game-changer.

It’s easier to stay organized when your documents are in one place and your automated workflow does a lot of the work for you.

See how FileBound for HR document management can streamline your business >


 FileBound for Accounts Payable Departments

In today’s work environment, a quick turnaround is the rule; not the exception. The Accounts Payable department has a full to-do list, often without the automated tools that would make that to-list easier and quicker to finish.

As one of the best document management software solutions available, FileBound can make processing invoices and payments an easier, more straightforward process.

If your AP department staff doesn’t have to spend time chasing paperwork, they can focus on more valuable projects that could further the success of your company – while still maintaining the accuracy required for account management.

Read more how FileBound can make your Accounts Payable department more efficient >


IMS Technology Group Will Help You Enhance Your Workflow

The IMS Technology Group team is here to help you improve and enhance your workflow, so you can focus on the more important things.

With FileBound, you don’t have to rely on paper documents and old-fashioned filing systems anymore.

Sound good to you? Let’s get started.