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Invoice Automation Software

invoice processing solutions

Invoice Processing Software & Invoice Automation

Simplify Your Invoicing Process Today

Invoice processing is a significant overhead cost for many Missouri businesses. It takes so much time and effort, especially when you’re doing it the old-fashioned way with paper.

The ability to process invoices efficiently and accurately is crucial to reducing your operating costs and improving customer satisfaction.

IMS Technology Group can help you find the right invoice processing software for your business, so you can focus on what’s important.

benefits of invoice processing

Benefits of Using Invoice Processing Software

Businesses realize significant benefits when switching an old-fashioned invoicing process to a software-based system. Below are some of the greatest benefits to automated invoicing.

Simplify the Invoicing Process

Your accounts payable team already has a lot on their plate, so why introduce another new system for them to learn? An automated invoice processing software is easy-to-learn and will increase efficiency across the board.


Focus on High-Level Strategy

Quick, efficient invoice processing not only allows your organization to increase its agility, it allows your AP team to work on high-level initiatives and turn them into strategic advisors for your organization. When staff members aren’t in the weeds all day processing invoices, they can strategize other ways to save the company money.


Minimize Risk

Eliminate human error by automating your invoice workflows. The automated software is highly configurable, so you can tailor them to help you maintain compliance and reduce the possibility of fraud. Our team can help you find the right automated invoice processing software that works for you. Contact us today

AncoraDocs for Invoice Processing

AncoraDocs is an easy-to-use software that you can integrate into everyday business practices to increase efficiency and functionality.


Using a deep learning algorithm, AncoraDocs can learn from the user to drive invoice automation rates over 95%, so you can reduce or even eliminate costs within your AP department.


You can access AncoraDocs from anywhere with an internet connection, so if your business is always on-the-go, your paper trail never leaves your side.


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