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We offer fully secure business shredding services in central Missouri and beyond. See our full list of paper shredding services below and request your quote today.

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What Business Shredding Services Do You Provide?

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Scheduled Document

Choose one-time shredding purge or regularly-scheduled paper shredding services, always delivered with superior customer service.

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Purge Shredding

Accomplish a big purge and ask us to digitally scan and store your files before shredding the paperwork. It’s fast and easy.

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Media Destruction

You can trust us to destroy and dispose of your documents while preserving data privacy and protecting the environment.

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Save Time with Scheduled Shredding Services

Shredding documents yourself takes valuable time and attention away from your business. Plus, it’s risky to set aside confidential documents and allow them to be exposed until you have time for a long session of shredding. Don’t take the risk! Small businesses are now the top targets of cybercrime due to gaps in security procedures. IMS Shredding provides document shredding services with the highest standards of security for the duration of the destruction process.

IMS Shredding is the ideal choice for organizations that have a legal obligation to maintain privacy standards under HIPAA, FERPA, and PCI. This includes legal offices, hospitals, healthcare facilities, universities, childcare centers, retail businesses, and more. It’s almost impossible to maintain the legally-required level of privacy using a basic office shredder, so we help you maintain full compliance according to the strictest standards in the business. We’ll provide you with a certificate of destruction that includes proof of the date, time, and method of document destruction.

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Purple Shredding Services@2x

Scanning, Storage, Shredding, and Purging Services

Ready to rid your business of old, unnecessary paperwork that’s long past its retention time? Schedule a purge with IMS Shredding, and we’ll help you free up space and ease your mind. We can even digitally scan and store your files before the purge to ensure there’s no possibility of losing any vital paperwork or data. We’ve helped our clients take an entire building’s worth of printed documents and turn them into a weightless set of backed-up files on disks or cloud storage.

This is the new frontier in document shredding services and data management. It’s easy to purge your files, accomplish fast document shredding, and upgrade how you handle your company’s document maintenance. Take a fresh step forward to eliminate stacks of paperwork in your business, especially paperwork with private and confidential information. Simply contact IMS Shredding and get a quote to schedule a purge and/or ongoing monthly service to maintain building cleanliness and data hygiene. We’re happy to help!

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Media Destruction Services@2x

Ethical & Eco-Friendly Multimedia Destruction

Protecting the planet is just as crucial as preserving privacy. That’s why we always follow the industry’s highest standards for ethical and environmentally-friendly confidential document destruction and disposal. Our secured vehicles travel to each location, collect the shredding carts and/or secured bags from the shredding console, then bring it all back to our NAID AAA-Certified facility.

We handle many types of multimedia destruction, including paper shredding, confidential document shredding/destruction, drive destruction, and mixed media shredding and destruction services. Although we can usually accept materials with staples and paperclips, there are certain types of materials we can’t accept, like three-ring binders, spiral-bound notebooks, metals, plastic, batteries, trash, food, and moldy materials. To learn more, please click below and share the scope of your multimedia shredding project to create a quote.

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We’re Environmental Experts

Here at IMS Shredding, we’re your Missouri neighbors who care about keeping everyone safe and healthy, including the Earth. We’re a locally-owned business and certified document shredding service provider that reaches across the state, including Jefferson City, Columbia, Lake of Ozarks, and Mexico, MO. When you choose us, you’re partnering with trustworthy and responsible document destruction experts who have respect for the environment.

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Business Shredding Services FAQ

What can you shred?

Our massive bulk shredders can handle paper, staples, and paper clips. Don’t worry if you have large stacks of papers or even entire rooms full of old paperwork. We can accept it as long as it is clean and free of materials that will interfere with the shredder’s operation. However, there are materials we can’t accept listed under the next question, “What is excluded from shredding?”

What is excluded from shredding?

Certain items can’t be shredded and will harm our machines. We reserve the right to reject any material that’s unfit for the shredding and recycling process. Please be sure to remove the following materials. We cannot accept three-ring binders, metal hanging folders, spiral-bound notebooks, metals, plastics, batteries, non-paper items such as trash, paper products with food on them, or wet/moldy materials.

Can you scan/store my documents?

Yes! We can scan and store your documents to prevent data loss. Through a partnership with IMS Technology Group, we can scan, store, and preserve your vital information before shredding it. Don’t worry about accidentally losing vital information because you’ll have backups. Our services allow you to shred with confidence.

Why shred it instead of trash it?

There’s a big difference between using IMS Shredding’s confidential document shredding services and throwing something in the trash. The average business’ trash bins are full of all kinds of materials that might encourage someone to look through them and gain access to private information. Our high standards for document destruction offer peace of mind and maintain regulatory compliance with standards like HIPAA, FERPA, and PCI.

Are your services affordable?

Our services are priced with small to midsize businesses in mind and depend on the services you need. We can scale up or down to fit your business because we serve everyone from small companies to major universities and corporations. To learn more about our pricing and receive a free quote, please contact us online or call us at 573-581-2800.

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We Streamline Your Business Shredding Services

IMS Shredding provides periodic shredding, monthly document and drive destruction, plus other advanced options for backing up and preserving your information. Contact us to talk about streamlining your business by responsibly shredding and recycling paper materials.

Ask us about document management software, scanning software/hardware, and cybersecurity and IT services that revolutionize how you do business. We’re your partner in smart, ethical, and confidential document management.

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