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Cloud-Based Faxing With WestFax

For the ultimate in security, reliability, and compliance

You might think of faxing as a symbol of outdated technology. But 89% of small-to-medium-sized businesses use fax, and in the medical field, faxes make up 75% of communications.

You also get a paper trail email just can’t provide. When a fax is successfully sent, you receive a printable confirmation that offers proof of where and when the document was sent.

Emails can get blocked. Firewalls and SPAM filters mean an email message may not get where it’s supposed to go. Many businesses have security filters that can automatically send your email to a junk folder or even simply delete it.

Why Use Cloud-Based Faxing?

You might have a fax machine sitting in a corner or an all-in-one printer that can fax over phone lines. It’s time to retire this old technology – the first telephone fax machine was invented in 1964, but the technology was invented in 1843!

It’s time to move to a modern solution – cloud-based faxing.

Faxing over the internet is the safest way of communicating sensitive or private information – It uses a private, secure connection and an individual, unique fax number. It also offers a number of other advantages:

  • No more spending money on toner, ink and maintenance.
  • Sending and receiving faxes is much quicker and more efficient.
  • Fax documents can be sent and received while working remotely.
  • Maintain important functionality associated with fax transmission, such as legal document sharing and instant submission/reception of visual files.
  • Faxes can be saved and easily accessed with assigned permissions through online document management systems.
  • Multiple fax numbers can be assigned to a single account, simplifying transmission.

The WestFax Advantages

✔ Cloud-based. There’s no need for additional servers or any equipment purchases, unlike other enterprise faxing solutions.

✔ Keep your existing fax number (pending you own the number and the number is portable).

✔ Send and receive faxes from any device: computer, mobile phone, tablet.

✔ Unlimited storage (depending on the length of time you wish to keep your documents in the cloud).

✔ Easy deployment. Our Cloud Fax API integrates using API, print driver, and MFCs.

✔ Print-to-Fax software.

✔ Apps for Android and IOs.

✔ Easy migration and porting from other fax providers.

✔ No long-term commitment with expensive license seats.

✔ 100% cloud-based. No expensive fax server hardware.

✔ A dedicated implementation team and dedicated support rep that knows your business

“WestFax’s online submission is so easy! My last vendor required that I make changes to my fax list by adding a 1 in front of EVERY fax number. WestFax doesn’t require me to make any changes to my list. Thanks for saving me from the hassle with my last vendor.”

WestFax offers advantages that others can’t match.

One of the Biggest Advantages Just May Be Our Pricing

As we mentioned, you’re not going to need any additional equipment, which is more than we can say for another company whose name we won’t mention. We also offer generous send/receive allowances and low overage rates.

In addition to our multi-tiered plans specific to HIPAA-regulated documents, we offer incredibly affordable plans for everyone from the entrepreneur to the enterprise. You can port over your existing number or get a new fax number (toll-free one).

“​​Our experience with WestFax has been nothing but success! Any questions were quickly answered, any concerns were immediately addressed, and any problems were easily resolved. Their system makes my life and my job easier, and it’s affordable. Who doesn’t love that?”

Amp Up Your Marketing With Broadcast Faxing

Whether it’s a flash sale, a new product offering, or a fundraising appeal, broadcast faxing is an easy way to spread your message. You simply log in, upload your documents, either select an existing list or upload a new one, then schedule and send.

With broadcast faxing, you:

  • Capture attention. Emails get buried in an inbox, and direct mail doesn’t always reach its destination. Faxes are automatically perceived as time-sensitive communications, so they get read.
  • Save money. There’s no expensive hardware or wasted employee time sending fax after fax – it’s all automatic.
  • Spread your message. A broadcast fax is one of the fastest ways to reach many people simultaneously.

Reliability. Service. Security. There’s No One Better.

✔ 100% cloud-based platform.

✔ No seat licenses – we charge by page volume and number of lines.

✔ Best-in-class customer support. Real people who answer the phones.

✔ An API by developers for developers who are happy to talk to customers.

✔ Easy migration – get out from under the thumb of that expensive provider.

We pride ourselves on our agility, innovation, and support. We facilitate success with our diverse client base by keeping up with shifting compliance requirements, security enhancements, and emerging technology.