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AP Automation Software – AncoraDocs

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Ancora AP Automation Software

Advanced Document Capture for Missouri Business

AncoraDocs is easy to install and configure, providing enterprise-level functionality to businesses of all sizes, and allows you to get your customers into production in days; rather than weeks or months.

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AncoraDocs Invoicing Software Features

Out-of-the-box, AncoraDocs offers customers:

  • Semi-structured forms, such as invoices and PO’s as well as structured and unstructured forms all in one solution.
  • A robust patented classification and categorization engine is available as part of the solution.
  • The ability to setup a new customer in mere hours. A new customer can be processing invoices or forms the first day.
  • Simple installation and setup processes that eliminate expensive professional service costs making it easy for SMBs to cost justify an advanced capture solution.
  • The ability to deploy AncoraDocs as a true multi-tenant cloud solution. All clients are 100% web based requiring a zero footprint install. All you need is an internet connection.
  • A fast setup of previously unseen invoices to not only include summary data but line item detail too. All invoices are processed by the same verifier regardless if it is a new invoice or one that has previously been seen by the software.
  • A configurable design tool allowing you to process any semi-structured or unstructured form the same way we process invoices. Data field labels can be created and configured for data element extraction.
  • The ability to capture invoices or forms from any input device or location, scanner, multi-function device, network folder, or email attachment as part of the base solution with support for 27 different languages.
  • An open architecture allowing for easy integration with ERP’s, ECM Solutions, and other 3rd party applications via multiple built-in export options; CSV, XML, and ODBC/JDBC.
  • One-Click OCR data extraction functionality allows for simply clicking on a field to OCR versus drawing a box around the field.
  • A simple pricing and licensing model. All licenses include unlimited verification of users and unlimited scan/import/export workstations.

Benefits of Using AncoraDocs

Ancora software is different than other data capture solutions that are difficult to use, implement, and support. By using AncoraDocs, Missouri companies can dramatically reduce the costs and inefficiencies of manual data entry, making your accounts payable department more productive and accurate than ever before.


AncoraDocs is Template-Free

Ancora’s deep learning algorithms are programmed to semantically understand invoices and extract a high degree summary and line item data without any initial training. Furthermore, software algorithms learn from the user to drive invoice automation rates over 95%.


AncoraDocs Doesn’t Require Setup

AncoraDocs is preloaded to capture invoice summaries and line item data. Because the software is dependent on machine-learning techniques, implementations are measured in just a few days—not weeks or months.


AncoraDocs Really Works!

Say goodbye to the empty promises of other data capture solutions. AncoraDocs works out of the box and is designed to learn directly from the data entry operator. You don’t need an expensive professional to be happy about your configuration.


AncoraDocs Reduces Costs

AncoraDocs has been proven to eliminate costs within AP departments across the world. On average, customers using this software save $12 per invoice in processing costs purely from reduced touch points, elimination of data entry, and reduction in data errors.


AncoraDocs Integrates with ERP and Workflow Systems

AncoraDocs seamlessly works alongside your existing technology, eliminating the need for custom integration and development.


Deploy AncoraDocs On-Premise or in the Cloud

AncoraDocs offers a fully web-based user experience. Access AncoraDocs from anywhere with an internet connection.

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