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IMS Technology Group delivers simple-to-use & affordable document management software solutions so you can manage your business instead of it managing you.

Our effective software solutions streamline document management from end-to-end, helping eliminate manual processes and menial tasks, so your Missouri business can decrease costs and increase productivity.

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Why Should You Use a Document Management Software?

Today, document management is essential to the success of any business – big or small.

A document management system allows your business to automate how it organizes, secures, captures and digitizes the files you use every day, making your paper trail easier to manage.

Our document management software solutions help Missouri businesses achieve the freedom necessary to focus on what’s truly important by:

  • Improving productivity
  • Keeping sensitive records safe, secure & available to those who need access
  • Eliminating manual searches for documents that could be anywhere
  • Reducing the use of expensive couriers to send documents
  • Ensuring compliance with industry standards, such as HIPAA, FERPA, PCI & more

Connecting users to the information they need when they need it to be their most efficient

FileBound Document Management Solutions

IMS Technology Group is a proud supplier of FileBound – a leading name in the document management software industry.

FileBound helps schools and Human Resources and Account’s Payable departments inside organizations find, control, optimize & protect the important documents your business relies on, including:

  • Paper Files
  • Arhcival Box Storage
  • Computer Print Files
  • Emails
  • Faxes
  • & Much More

Once your files are successfully stored within the FileBound system, they can be accessed via the cloud anywhere and anytime by users who have been granted authorized access.

Best of all, FileBound is easy-to-use and comes with unlimited user licensing to connect your entire organization – no matter if your employees are in Mexico, Missouri or are traveling across the border to Mexico City.