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Psigen Data Capture Software

psigen software

Data Capture Software For Businesses

It can be challenging for businesses to manage important data when it’s stored in so many different formats, including email, faxes, and even paper copies hidden in file cabinets long forgotten.

When Missouri businesses are drowning in data and can’t properly access or manage the files they need to be productive, IMS Technology Group provides an answer.


Advanced & Scalable Document Scanning Solutions for Missouri Businesses.


drowning in paper documents

PSICapture To The Rescue

PSICapture by Psigen Software, Inc. is a unified capture solution designed to meet any document capture needs your organization may have.

Developed with the real needs of businesses in mind, PSICapture is a competitively priced, scalable, and flexible document capture solution that turns all that data piled high in your filing cabinets into useful information that can be utilized to conduct business more efficiently every single day.

PSICapture allows businesses to streamline and organize their information—no matter the original format.

PSICapture will take your entire document inventory and convert it to a searchable PDF format housed in an easy-to-navigate digital repository.

Using Psigen’s state-of-the-art automation technologies, we can help take the pain out of document scanning.

Contact IMS Technology Group today to get started!

Benefits of Using Psigen Scanning Software

Ditch your filing cabinet by integrating Psigen software from IMS Technology Group into your operations. Psigen software:

Integrates with Any Scanning Device

PSICapture shines in its ability to integrate with any scanning device and route information to more than 60 ECM (Enterprise Content Management) systems. Regardless of how an organization is structured or set across multiple locations, PSICapture makes it easy for anyone anywhere to find the documents they need.


Utilizes State-of-the-Art Automation Technology

PSICapture state-of-the-art automation technology takes all the pain out of document processing. PSICapture full suite of document automation features lets you create a document workflow that greatly reduces or eliminates the need to manually import, separate, or index documents.


Improves Communication Across Your Organization

PSICapture toolset includes flexible document capture, smart lookups, and powerful extraction tools producing amazingly accurate results. PSICapture is capable of capturing documents from virtually any device, extracting the important data, and making it available to your entire organization.

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