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Document Scanning Software

document scanning services

Advanced Document Scanning Software

Simplify Your Document Management Processes

IMS Technology Group is a full-service document scanning software provider serving Missouri. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by sorting through piles of paper and maintaining endless file cabinets in dusty storage rooms, IMS Technology Group can help.

Regardless of how your organization is structured or set across multiple locations, IMS Technology Group has the scanning tools you need to help make document processes easy and efficient.

document scanning

Streamline Your Document Management Processes

Document scanning is a pain point for many Missouri businesses, because:

  • Manually processing documents is time-consuming
  • Document storage is costly and inefficient
  • Processes negatively impacting staff efficiency
  • Your staff can’t locate documents
  • Information is scattered, making it difficult to keep track of your business

By harnessing document scanning software solutions offered by IMS Technology Group, you can take all the pain out of document processing and storage.

Our scanning software solutions are designed to help create a document workflow that greatly reduces or eliminates the need to manually import, separate, or index documents. This helps Missouri businesses:

  • Save time and money
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve their ability to serve customers

Our Document Scanning Software Solutions


In the digital age, paper documents are quickly becoming obsolete.


IMS Technology Group solutions is a reputable, local supplier of the world’s top document scanning software solutions, helping Missouri companies take control of their files.


Learn more about all the document scanning software solutions we offer below.


PSIGEN Software is a flexible and truly scalable document scanning software solution for any organization.

PSICapture state-of-the-art automation technology takes all the pain out of document processing so you can create a seamless document workflow that reduces or eliminates the need to manually import and index documents.

psigen software


AncoraDocs is a browser-based, machine-learning document scanning software that can automatically classify documents based on content and layout. Just provide a few samples and the software learns the rest to automatically identify future documents.

Automatically streamline your document scanning and management system across the entire company with AncoraDocs.

Ancora Docs